Episode 4 – Finding Your Voice with Liana Kangas

Published by Jim Tramontana on

On this episode of Concentric Circles we talk about FINDING YOUR VOICE with the almighty Liana Kangas. In addition to working on titles for publishers like Image, TKO, 2000 AD, and Black Mask, Liana has joined the world of THE INEVITABLES as the artist for the comic. Vinnie, Obi, Jono, and Liana talk about their personal experiences trying to hone their own creative voices in their projects, fight imposter syndrome, and be the best versions of themselves. The episode ends with a round of SHITTY SUPERHEROES! The Concentric Circles Crew challenges Liana to draw three shitty superheroes with only a minute on the clock. Needless to say, the results are amazing. Want to see more work from Liana? Check out www.lianakangas.com Want to support THE INEVITABLES? Help us fund the project on KICKSTARTER here http://kck.st/2ZXMWRT

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