Episode 7 – Teamwork with Patrick Edwards

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Patrick Edwards’ debut novel, Space Tripping, won the 2016 Nerdist Space Opera contest and hit the shelves in 2017. Since then he has had two short stories published in Writing Bloc anthologies: Escape! and Deception. His sequel, Space Tripping 2: The Second One, is due out late 2020. In the interim, he co-wrote a new 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Book titled, The Red Opera, which is an adaptation of the album & stage show of the same name by the orchestral metal band, DiAmorte. Patrick is also a co-host of the Let’s Rewatch podcast on the CertainPOV network, and a cast member of the Happy Hell Hour: Descent into Avernus real play stream on the Geekly, Inc. Twitch channel. You can see what he’s up to by following him on twitter @ThePatEdwards or by checking out his website: ThePatEdwards.com

The Red Opera:
A bloody epic infusion of music and game play, The Red Opera is a new 5th Edition campaign set in a remote northern tundra, within a city controlled by chaotic Warlocks. The campaign is an adaptation of the album & stage show of the same name by the band, DiAmorte, and the Heavy Metal Hall of Fame has signed on as an official sponsor. Additionally, they’ve partnered with the Budapest Symphonic Scoring Orchestra to create an entire new, extended suite of music to serve as a backing track for each game play chapter via QR code. Link https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stonejamison/the-red-opera-rpg?ref=2uosne
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